About Us

LiDARx3 was built by surveyors to save themselves time, money and effort. With a vision to simplify the Stockpile calculation process the LiDARx3 team set about utilisng the Apple Iphone and Ipads' integrated LiDAR technology to create a low cost and highly effective solution to calculating stockpile results in real time in the field.

Our team are a committed group of professionals who want to show you how to save resources by accurately assessing your stockpiles.

Our CEO Tim Reece has been a surveyor for over 20 years. He has spent much of that time creating stockpile reports for many customers and knows the time and cost involved in creating an accurate report.

Tim designed the LiDARx3 tool to make stockpile managment so much simpler.

Using the Iphones LiDAR technology to create stockpile reports faster and more accuratly than ever.


Try LiDARx3 today on your Apple Iphone Pro and Gen 5 Ipad. Its free for thirty days!