Rhomberg Rail Australia recently began testing the LIDARx3 app for Iphone. Tyler Slinger a digital construction specialist was keen to improve on their accuracy of reporting while saving costs on surveying their stockpiles.

Tyler said “Usually, we would require survey or guess work to predict the volume of the stockpiles on site, this results in over ordering or under ordering material which can lead to panic in rail shut down works where quarries are closed over the weekend.  This is a huge improvement on how we manage our material volumes and locations.”

Accuracy reporting of stockpile calculations using LIDARx3 App for Iphone and Ipad Pro

Tyler was able to create an accurate report in real time and use this information to make real time decisions about the onsite stockpiles.

“On this project we scanned with Lidarx3 and found that there was not enough material available, so we ordered extra. “

LIDARx3 reports with up to a 5% accuracy which is faster, more accuracte and easier than other techniques.